”Torn Sail’s music is so utterly timeless…”

Wyndham Wallace (Uncut)

Torn Sail is a British psychedelic alt-folk-rock band fronted by Huw Costin. The band have  a reputation for intensely moving and powerful live shows. Mark Lanegan, who contributed to their debut album – ‘This Short Sweet Life’ described the Torn Sail album as a masterpiece. 

Singer Costin is also known for his work with Earth The Californian Love Dream & collaborations with left-field disco artists Smith & Mudd) along with his own critically acclaimed solo albums Regrets (2009) and Something/Nothing (2013).  Costin has also worked with Brian Eno, Michael Chapman and Mark Lanegan


Torn Sail rose from the ashes of The Cold Light of Day, put together by Richard Warren AKA Echoboy in 2008.  When Warren quit to go solo a year later, the band locked themselves in the studio and started recording.   The first track completed – Birds- was released on cult balearic label Claremont 56 in 2011.  Another single –  Treasure (Part 1) was released in 2012, also on Claremont 56.  The finished album didn’t surface until 2017 – finally released on Costin’s own Cwm Saerbren label, after several close calls with other small record labels.

Despite a very limited pressing and zero marketing budget ‘This Short Sweet Life’ has picked up a lot of acclaim from serious music lovers, and tracks from the album have been reworked & remixed by artists as diverse as Andre Lodemann (Bestworks), Tiago (Paper), Cos/Mes, Frankie Valentine (Claremont 56), & Shrinkwrap (Soft Rocks).   

Praise for ‘This Short Sweet Life’

“Torn Sail’s music is so utterly timeless that it could have been released any time since the mid 1960s. Calling upon the likes of Tim Buckley, The Moody Blues and David Crosby,more recent acts like Verve(before they became The Verve), Sun Kil Moon and Talk Talk, as well as enduring influences such as Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams and Pink Floyd …it wears its heart on its sleeve unashamedly…”
Wyndham Wallace (Uncut)

“A Masterpiece”. 
Mark Lanegan

”There are hints, too, of early Verve on the languid ‘Treasure’, of Jeff Buckley on ‘Self-Medication’ and even of late Talk Talk, Spiritualized and Radiohead – at their quietest – on the lush, closing ‘Gains On Gains”.
4/5 Classic Pop Magazine

“…a haunting and gorgeous record – sad, but also uplifting and spiritual – an intimate, late-night soundtrack for the lost and the lonely…”

“This Short Sweet Life’s songs burn slowly, with Costin in reflective mode contemplating big themes, namely life, ageing and death. And the music glides like Americana honey, all spacey reverb, sad guitars and furrowed brows…Torn Sail have delicately woven together a timeless collection of songs” 
Left Lion

“A Serious Piece of work”
Michael Chapman

“…it’s right up there with the best of John Martyn or CSN”
Another Night On Earth

“The sound of Neu! hanging out in Laurel Canyon…Lofty music for high times.”

”Torn Sail create truly transformative music and their brand of melancholia has a heart and integrity that makes this album so emotional it hurts to listen to at times…not since Talk Talk’s last two albums have a band inhabited their own musical world in such a unique way” 

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